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-Leadership and Science Competition

The Nurturing Greatness Initiative is an inter-school competition in which students from previously disadvantaged schools compete in a leadership and science competition. The leadership competition comprises public speaking and debate, while the science contest. involves students creating innovations to solve a national or global challenge, entrepreneurial purposes or to improve service.

The purpose of the leadership competition is to help young people realise their potential through giving them the skills and confidence in communication to articulate their ideas and share them with others and to give young people the speaking and listening skills and cultural understanding they need to thrive. These skills improve young people’s attainment, academic attainment, emotional intelligence and social skills now seen as increasingly important by both industry and educationalists. These skills help young people to live their lives to the fullest.

As the Tracey Mshali Foundation we believe that young people from previously disadvantaged schools have innovative ideas the challenged for them is finding a platform to share them. The objective of the science competition is to promote science and innovation, to contribute to high-quality STEM education for all school learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, to celebrate excellence and the importance of science education and innovation, to assist in identifying and nurturing talent of promising young South Africans and to encourage them to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.



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